Monday, February 26, 2018

We are upset with Mom!  She has been rude to our friends! We have not posted in two months and we never posted Christmas Paws.  We know it is not requited, but we looked forward to seeing the gifts we sent posted, so the kitties that sent up gifts have waited too long to see how much we enjoyed our gifts!


Max was very interested in the box when it first arrived, so Mom put it up where we could not get to it.  Then he did not come out to play at opening time! 

Kirby was very interested in the open box.

Kirby wanted to claim the whole box and Angel was happy with the red paper!

Max finally got into the fun !

Kirby claimed his package!  He had it unwrapped in a few good bunny kicks! It is a nip Candy Cane!


 Angel got a nip tomato

 Max got a stocking and took the nip cigar

Mom got a pair of kitty socks and we got some great Nip!  Mom had a hard time getting a photo of all of the gifts because we kept sealing them!

These are just random photos out of the 80 plus that Mom took.  Just so you could see that we liked our presents very much.

 Thank you Peaches and Paprika and Mom Carol  We are sorry it took Mom so long to get this done.  And thank you for checking on us!