Thursday, January 18, 2018

Spike William loves his Secret Paws gifts!

I was so excited to receive a package from my Secret Paws before Christmas. My Food Lady Mom said I had to wait until Christmas to open my package. At least I had a good sniff of the box before she hid it from me - I totally would have tried to open it ahead of time!

Thank you to Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula for organizing Secret Paws 2017! You are the best!!! 



Now I know who sent my Secret Paws 2017. They were from Pixie, Zorro, and Mom Claire at The Swiss Cats! I am so excited to open them all!!! 






Thank you for all the wonderful presents, Pixie, Zorro, and Mom Claire
Now you can see how happy that they made me!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Secret Paws at Summer's House!

Many of you might have seen me post about our Secret Paws gifts at my blog last week.

Yep, our Secret Paws were Truffle, Brulee, and their human, who does all the hard work matching up everybody for Secret Paws!

We got a lot of really awesome presents!

My human got some nice gifts too. She attends a writers group once a month, so that journal will come in really handy! (The peppermint bark needs no excuse to get used, if you know what I mean!)

The pillow contains valerian which gets you really high (if you are a kitty). You can tell Binga is high because she is grooming her feet. I don't know why, but it's something she does when she is high. At least it's better than when she gets whappy.

My human wasn't sure if I was going to like the SmartyKat Twirly Top. I wondered at first too!

This is how I wound up playing with it! Okay, maybe I was being a little silly, but it was fun.

We had to take the running birdie from Petlinks into the kitchen because it kept getting caught in the grooves of the plank floor in the living room. Boodie enjoyed whapping it.

We all loved (like really, really loved) the treats! My human couldn't even get a photo of me with the Vital Cat treats because I wouldn't sit still for them! And of course I love freeze dried chicken too, so the Grandma Lucy's treats were a big hit. You can tell in this photo because my human made the mistake of leaving them on the living room floor when she went downstairs for minute. When she came back up, this is the condition the bag was in!

Thank you so much, Truffle, Brulee and Paula - for the Secret Paws, and for everything you do for the Cat Blogosphere!

Celestial Kitties Secret Paws!

Leo Here! You all won't believe this, but there's this Secret Paws thingie in the Cat Blogosphere and we have never participated in it before! Me 'n Glitter 'n Cashmere feel ripped off! Because THIS YEAR mom got us into it and it is AWESOME!

We got to pick out some totally cool toys to send to another family of kitties and then some kitties sent US toys! Chandra from Life from a Cat’s Perspective sent us some awesome pawsome toys! Thank you Chandra!!! We loves them!

Mommy said we could not open out box of awesomeness until Christmas! Unfair! But then, in an even more unfair move, she got out one of the toys early, but the only kitty around to check it out was Cashmere! Totally unfair!!

Mommy says she has been trying to get one of these butterfly toys for us for a long time but they keep running out and cancelling her order, blah blah blah, what-ev... And I don't buy for one minute that she just wanted to see it run and Cashmere just happened to be the only kitty in the room at the time. All she had to do was call us! Me 'n Glitter would have come! Ok, maybe.. ok, probably not.. but it would have been OUR choice, right!?

Anyway, here's Cashmere, without me 'n Glitter, playing with the butterfly toy BEFORE Christmas.

Cashmere: Ooo a spinning butterfly!

Cashmere: I'm gonna put the bitey on it!

Cashmere: Hello flower, did you know you had a butterfly flying around you in a big fluttery circle?

Cashmere: Hey! The butterfly whapped into me! Hee hee, I guess he WANTS to be chomped!

Leo: Ok, now to Christmas. Well, actually AFTER Christmas because mommy and daddy left us for Christmas day, and then left outta town for New Years and then finally, FINALLY, gave us our box of awesomeness! I got to inspect first! ha!

Leo: Not sure you need to lure me into the box of awesomeness with the fevvers on a string, mom, but ok, CHOMP!

Cashmere: What's all this? So many new things, AND that butterfly toy! But it's behind plastic.. how am I supposed to chomp it in there??

Cashmere: Oh! Hello flying feathers!
Leo: That's Fevvers! and they're mine, so back off!
Cashmere: Chill dude, there's enough for all of us!

Cashmere: You play with the "fevvers" and I will continue with the inspection!

Cashmere: Nope, changed my mind! FEVVERS!! CHOMP!!!!

Glitter: Hey, how come I'm last to the party! Oooo look at all the pretties!
Leo: You're last because you don't get up from your nap for anything!
Glitter: I'd get up for this!

Leo: After we all got a peek and a sniff at the toys in the box, mom decided to toss them all on the floor so we could play with them easier! There were too many girls around, so I jumped up on the bed to watch for a while. Cashmere wandered off, but came back pretty quick.

Glitter: Oh. So. Many. Choices! I don't know where to start!

Cashmere: I think I see one I wanna play with!
Glitter: There's so many to pick from! I want to get them all!

Cashmere: This one has a ribbon tail! I'm gonna have to chomp it!
Glitter: Chomp it good! Then share... because I like ribbon tails too!

Leo: Mom picked out a rainbow mousie with the soft stringy stuff wrapped around it and a bell on it's tail and tossed it to me! She knows I like that soft satiny stringy stuff because I totally chomped through a necklace she had made with it! heh heh heh!

Leo: Thanks mom! Oh Mousie, yer gonna be my fav! At least until I deprive you of your tail! heh heh! But don't worry, there's lots of other toys I can choose as my NEXT favorite from this awesome batch of Secret Paws toys!


Leo: Now that oughta be the show stopper picture! I know there's lots more pictures of our play session, and I'm sure mom will share more of them soon. But we're gonna end our Secret Paws Post with this great picture because it's the best! (even if it is a little outta focus)

Merry 12th Day of Christmas Everyone! Mom got this one in just under the wire! Because Tomorrow is Little Christmas, (or Epiphany) and that's the last day of Christmas for a whole year! We hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas/Holiday Season as we did! And thanks again to our Secret Paws friends, Life From A Cat's Perspective! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

(copied from our blog, Celestial Kitties)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Our Secret Paws

We were so excited to open our Secret Paws presents!  They were sent by our pals Angel, Kirby and Max from A Wizard and an Angel!  We were especially excited to open our presents because this was Noelle's first Christmas and we knew she would be super surprised!

We weren't disappointed!  We got all kinds of pawsome nip toys, valerian toys, sparkle balls, a twinkle ball and TREATS!  We even got a cool book of Cat's Letters to Santa AND a super nightshirt for our Mom!

Here's a short video of us opening our gifts!


Thank you Angel, Kirby, Max and Mom Nancy....we loved everything and Mom LOVES her nightshirt!   You helped make our Christmas special!

Monday, January 1, 2018

                The Four-Legged Furballs Are the BEST!
                                              Tales of Secret Paws

The paper the box was wrapped in was the first super fun gift! 
 Of course, the big box itself looked pretty exciting too. I woulda ripped it open myself, but the Four-Legged Furballs really like their packing tape!
And there was our nice card with You-Know-Who's name first, as is only right! 
Mmmm, smells like Good Stuff in here. 
I think I'll take a look and a good sniff, too. 
Maybe I'll just climb right in and see what's what.
Whoa--this stuff looks like plenty'o'fun to me. I wanted to jump right into that box but the Human made me wait till it all got piled on the table. Sigh.
 But it does look even more enticing all ready and waiting...
 First we had to read the sweet card, and then it was time for . . .
 yep! You got it. This first toy smelled spectacular, Kitties, just spectacular!
 Then there was another, even more exciting message!
 And, and, and....well, I can hardly meow this to you: It was a special blanket for me. With crowns, Kitties, can you imagine? Crowns!
 I sat on it right away, so as not to let the Human get any ideas of trying to claim it for herself.
The Four-Legged Furballs obviously knew that certain substances were about to become legal here in California, so in celebration they sent me some really great stuff, REALLY great. Really.
And yes, yes, here are all the very nice toys they sent me which were fantastic, no doubt about it . . .  
 but honestly, it's time to get back to this Silvervine Stick.
 You might have trouble finding it in this picture, 
but *I* certainly didn't!
 Here is all my loot nicely organized. Can you believe how much great stuff they sent me?
Why, it's almost like I got myself off the naughty list
ho ho ho!
 And look at the adorable pens they included for the Human! She loves them!
And there was more for her too: A purple bookmark and a notebook with me on the cover!

Thank You, my Four-Legged Furball Friends!
You made our Crispmouse very special
and we wish you a Glorious 2018!