Sunday, December 31, 2017

Buckwheat's Secret Paws package from Maine

I was worried about my Secret Paws package.  I waited and waited for it to arrive before Christmas, but alas, it did not come until after my people returned from my Gramma's house the day after Christmas. (they were gone from Saturday until Tuesday, so it could have been out in the mailbox for a few days).  Finally when it got here I was really excited.
It travelled all the way from Maine!  This is funny because my Lap Lady is actually from Maine too.  She had sent her box to her Mom on Monday the 17th and it did not get to its destination until the Weds. after Christmas.  I just don't know what the issue was about the postal people between here and there, but they had some delays it seems. 
Enough with the postal commentary, and on with the prezzints!

My gifts came from some kitties that I've not met before at a blog called Paws for Reflections at   they put out a lot of good information about cats and have won several awards for their blog.

Here I am, elbows deep into the box trying to see what is in there.  I can smell it and it smells like nip!

 Too bad this box isn't big enough for all of The Wheat to fit into.  Only my front legs can kind of get in this one.
I wasn't make much progress on my own, so LL had to help me out.  They had the little thingies all jammed up in the box, so I couldn't get them out without some thumbs.

Here we have some birdies with feathery tails, those look fun and some little christmas toys that are nip filled.  

Thanks so much for the Secret Paws gifts BJ Bangs and friends!  I love secret paws and can't wait until next year when we get to share gifts between kitties again!

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 29, 2017

My Secret Paws Gifts

Yo kittehs! I got to open my Secret Paws package! I've told you about the holiday tradition some cat bloggers have. This year for the first time TW actually let me open my gifts on Christmas day. It was in the evening but at least I didn't have to wait a week or two. My Secret Paws came all the way from Texas. Dunno if its deep in the heart but it's Texas.

My Secret Paws Gifts

The The Lone Star Cats.' Travis, Crockett and Angelique were my Secret Paws' Santas. TW loved the way everything was wrapped. Unlike TW, their human knows how to wrap.

My Secret Paws Gifts

I got some really cool stuff! The first item TW took out of the box was a reversible blankie, which I immediately claimed. TW says it looked like it was hand-made by their human and it was! I took to my new nip blankie from the moment I saw it. It was love at first bite. I'm kinda embarrassed to say I started rolling around and biting it like a kitten. I prefer the swirly side to the flowers.

My Secret Paws Gifts

That wasn't the only great prezzie. There were bags of Temptations, Grumpy Cat toys, a nice card, and Godiva chocolates for TW.

Thanks to Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for doing the heavy lifting.

You can find more details and fotos on

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Peaches & Paprika's Thrill from Secret Paws Friends Furever

O the thurrrrrill of it all! We have big thank you's to give to our friends at Friends Furever blog (Sharon, Raz, Allie & maybe Noelle?) and to our Secret Paws Godmom Ms Paula, who waved her wand over the holiday season & somehow got all of us hooked up with each other.
Peaches investigating the new delivery


 I bet you didn't know that I am a certified box-inspector cat,did you!  Well let me tell you this box met my highest standards. I rated it A++++.


Then followed a little excitement. We begged & begged to open it ASAP-but it was not to be.  

We had to be content with SNIFFING the colorful packages.  What kind of deal is THAT. (They did smell enticing, though..)

The Green Palm Tree Toy

Peaches getting her last look at the green palm tree
I, Peaches, was entranced by the little green palm tree toy (especially since we live in cold New England) however I was not to enjoy it long. That scoundrel sisfur Paprika, grabbed & ran off with it. I still don't know where she hid it to this day.

The Scratch Toy
Peaches checking out the scratch toy.
We are always looking for good scratch toys. After checking this one out,I sharpened my claws on it and found it a most pleasing and effective experience.  It and my claws smelled good too.  Paprika was unsuccessful this time in her attempts to steal carry it off.

The Colorful Wand Toy

Paprika checks out Wand toy
Peaches "going at it" with wand toy
The wand toy we got was totally scrumptious and we both enjoyed it. We are going to write about that one in our blog cuz we got 80 gazillion pictures. It was found in the fascinatingly shaped package with the green prongs sticking out!

The Red & white Santa Paws Blanket

Is this beautiful or WHAT!
Talk about thurrrrilling.  A FLEECE blanket MADE by Mom Sharon.  We couldn't get enough of that blanket.  It is red,  white  & VERY decorative AND soft.  It has a
reversible red side too.  Here I am, trying it out, in my full glory.  In fact I DO consider it "MY" blanket.

Now here you will notice Paprika tried to act like it was HER blanket.  She pretended she was just trying to show off it's reversible red side. Don't believe her! She wants to get the blanket away from me!

My blanket Cheesecake shots

A few cheesecake red and white blanket shots should convince you this blanket is MINE!

Maybe I should take a little relaxed nap to cement the deal!

Or a formal portrait may be in order!

The Silver Cat

The last item we opened was apparently meant for our human. It is a beautiful silver cat (pewter)which stands by itself and has room for a photo in the middle of it.  Our human eventually put it on her mantel. Isn't it beautiful?

Now there is more to this silver cat story. You see me and Paprika were Verry interestested
in this cat.  It could have been the fish dangling from his mouth. Anway we both wanted to adopt him as our brother.

Well enough for now. thanks for reading about our "grand event" and a special thanks to Ms. Sharon and her Friends Furever gang and Ms. Paula. Signing off to go interact with our new delectables!