Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Katzenworld Cats: Our Secret Paws

Hi everyone,

First of all apologies us cats have been busy trying to get the humans to serve us more treats... but you know staff nowadays is not easy to come by!

But anyway... we did get them to post about our amazing secret paws present in time for christmas they just didn't get the hint to post here as well!!!!

Freya: I certainly loved helping to unpack the pressies. :D

Freya: We have all been very happy with our many presents and you can see the whole unpacking of our parcel here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank our secret paws The Swiss Cats for this amazing parcel.


Katzenworld Cats

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Our Secret Paw!

First, we want to apologize for taking so long to post our great Secret Paw presents.  We would trade Mom in for a new Mom but then we would have to work on training the new one.  We think it's hopeless.

Anyway............Our Secret Paw presents came from Cody and Caren from  We received the package from Amazon and everything was gift wrapped in GORGEOUS sparkly bags.  Mom is saving them because she said they are soo beautiful!  She is going to find some way to re-use them!!

Here's a slideshow we did of us enjoying our gifts!  Mom tried to get an action shot of Allie with the fev-ver toy but Allie wouldn't cooperate!!

Many thanks for the pawsome presents!  Mom's been wearing her socks a lot since we've had some cooler temps and they make her feet feel cozy and happy too!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


                                           Secret Paws 2018


WOW!  Has it really been a year since we posted?  We really need to get better help!

We got our Secret Paws package on Christmas Eve.  Mom told us we had to wait till Christmas Morning to open it!   

Angel, Max!  Come check this out!!

 What is is Kirby? 

It's our Secret Paws package!  Get a good sniff!  Mom  pulled up a corner so we could have a sniff!
I guess Max is not interested! 

Finally!  Its time!  

Our package is from    Four-Legged Furballs.  Evan, Thimble, Eddy, Tonks, Toby, pup Astrid and  Lorianna

Thank you so much!  

Now for the opening! 

 Dad is helping!

The card is addressed to all of us! 

Look at all of the little packages! 

Kirby loves tissue paper!

 Here Max,  have a sniff of the red stripped mouse!

Angel was checking out the red mouse!


Max had never liked nip until last summer.  Here he is checking out Nip teabags!

  Then Angel did

 Then Kirby!   Looks like we all like tea!

A big container of nip!

And a big container of Party Mix! Our favorite!

 Max picked out his toy!  A crinkley bushy tailed reindeer! He grabbed it out of the box and did not want to share!

  The Grandma made special blankets for each of us!   

Angel's is paw prints

Max's is plad

He took his toy to his blanket!

And shook it!  

 Kirby's is gray and he has pizza on his!  He loves human pizza, too!

 More tissue paper and a red mouse.  Kirby is so happy!

And with a green nip toy! That one is  says Naughty!  The other one says Nice! 

 Then Mom sprinkled nip on the blankets so we could party!  

Mom got sticky memo flags in cat shapes

And a cat ball point pen! 

Here are all of our presents and us!  This is about as close as Angel and Max get to each other! 

Thank you Four-Legged Furballs!  

Friday, January 4, 2019

Secret Santa Paws Visited


The Kid Sage and I were super duper happy when we discovered that our Secret Santa Paws visited our house.

Unfortunately Mom L caught me in my Super Cat Stealth mode trying to check out what was under our tree!

Here is what I found. Wrapped very nicely I must say.

Mom L opened the packages for us 'cuz we don't have those thumb thingies like she does.

We got some cute little toys, some treats and there were some chocolates and a pair of socks for Mom L.  Thank you Lone Star Cats, Crocket, Travis and Angelique and your Mom for being our Secret Paws.


Carry Loves Cats Secret Paws 2018

Woops.  I totally forgot about posting here until I just saw my giftee post theirs - I'm glad you guys over at fourleggedfurballs like the gifts.  
Laser, McLaren and I were lucky enough to be the recipient of a gift from Iain, Marc and the cats of Katzenworld.  They sent us a wonderful box of goodies from 4cats.
I think the best thing to do is to hand over to Laser and McLaren and let them tell you what they think of the gifts.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity and the cats didn’t know where to look first.  Santa Paws really was great to us and I must send the lovely folk at Katzenworld a million thank yous and dankes.
Laser:  Carry this box says “4cats” on it.  Quick, open it because it’s for me.  And McLaren, but I’m sure it’s mostly for me.
Laser:  This says ‘Katzenworld’.  Ooh Carry it’s from out blog furriends.   McLaren:  I can smells something good.  Let me get my head rights in here to sniffle more.
McLaren:  That’s better we can see everything now.  What is it all Mummy?  Will you help us open it?  There’s lot of things.  We’s must be the lucky cats who haves been good all year.
Laser:  Carry look I fits in the box too.  This is the best present we ever have been given!
McLaren:  Mummy this food smells good, quick quick let us taste it.
Laser:  McLaren, I think that it says that they are reindeer balls.  I’m not sure about the sound of that.  It might be like that Get Me Out of Here show Carry watches.
McLaren:  OK dees be mine then.  Quick Mummy open them!  Carry:  Shall we wait a little and open them another day so that we can post a blog about all the food you get?  McLaren: NO GIBS ME NOW.  (McLaren and Laser both had a bite, but I will blog again later about how much they enjoy all the food in the parcel!)
McLaren:  Mummy what are these?  They smells good but my pawsies can’t open the bag.  Carry:  It’s more food.  Shall we try them at dinner time?  McLaren:  Yes please, how long away is dinner time?

Carry:  How cute is this little keyring!  It’s adorable.  And this cat tree toy holder is brilliant!  I’ll have to put it up right away.
Carry:  Purrfect, now I don’t have to have your string toys tucked in the back of the toy box and you can play with them yourselves!
Laser:  Carry can you open the packets please, because these smell so good and we really really want to sniff it properly.
McLaren:  Ommnomnom  dhes nis is goob.  om nom.
Laser:  I don’t know what this is but I LOVE IT.  Carry:  It’s a bite like cat nip, only called valerian.  Laser:  I don’t know what that is but I LOVE IT.  
Laser:  Oh gosh Carry I can smell catnip and valerian in these packets too.  Quick quick quick I neeeeed it Carry.

Laser:  Oh yeessssss.  I’m going to rub it all over me.  This is the best day ever.  Yesssss.
As you can see, the gifts were a complete hit with the cats.  They’ve been loving the valerian toys, having never had any before.  I’ll leave them on the floor when I go to work and I’ll come home to find them on the sofa with one of the cats looking nice and comfy.
Being as the cats didn’t properly explain everything, the gifts we received were:
  • Rinderballchen mit Colostrum  (Beef balls, not reindeer as Laser mis-translated)
  • 2 Almo Nature Alternative Pet Food taster packets
  • 4 Cushions – 2 cat nip and 2 valerian
  • Cat Tree Toy Retainer
  • 2 Valerian Toys
  • Keyring
I honestly can’t thank Iain, Marc and the cats enough for their gifts.  Laser, McLaren and I are eternally grateful and I’m sure they think about you and your generosity every moment between their valerian highs.
Thank you once again and thanks to everyone at Secret Paws who worked hard to bring the exchange together this year.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A very merry Christmas thanks to Laser, McLaren, and Carry

I always forgot to promptly create a Secret Santa Paws post for the one and only Secret Santa Paws blog. Shame on me! We may be into the New Year already, but our season is still very merry and bright thanks to Laser, McLaren, and Carry of Carry Loves Cats! Indeed, they were our Secret Santa Paws. And let me tell you, they know us well, and they spoiled us!

I adored even just the wrapping itself. It's so pretty! I won't even hide the fact that I kept all of those beautiful, classic tags on the gifts, and they're going to be turned into some sort of Christmas craft or decor for next year.

The kitties loved the wrapped presents, too!

Poor kitties, having to wait for this human to snap roughly a thousand photos before they could open their gifts.

Finally, though, we started ripping into the goods! Guess what the kitties got?

Just look at that feathered kicker toy! It's also infused with catnip. Since kickers, feathers, and catnip are some of the kitties' favorite things, this is a hit! But guess what?

The kitties don't have to share a kicker toy. Why? Because each kitty got their very own kicker toy!

In case you haven't noticed, we're including bloopers in this post. There wasn't much choice otherwise, because the kitties were just that excited about the purrfect gifts they received from Laser, McLaren, and their mom Carry.

As if each kitty getting their very own kicker wasn't enough, they also got an entire treasure trove of toys!

There is literally something in that box that every kitty in this house absolutely adores. Needless to say, the kitties emptied that toy box all on their own very, very quickly.

And do you know what else? Laser, McLaren, and their mom Carry even sent a gift for the kitties' pup sister, Astrid!

I don't think we've mentioned much on our blog what kinds of toys Astrid enjoys, but Laser, McLaren, and their mom Carry somehow knew that pup Astrid's most favorite kind of toy is a plush ball. Astrid knew it was for her, too, because she swooped right in and grabbed it up. Are you ready for another blooper?

Just like Laser, McLaren, and their mom Carry sent the kitties and pup Astrid some of their most favorite things, they did the very same for this here human.

Let me tell you, that sketchbook is not only all sorts of adorable, but it arrived just as I'm finishing up my current sketchbook. I was just thinking that I needed to order a new one, but now I don't have to. I cannot wait to scribble up all sorts of doodles in this adorable sketchbook!

Oh, but that's not all.

First of all, when I saw that little black envelope, I loved the mere words on it. Since I go by the moniker The Menagerie Mom here in the cat blogosphere, seeing La Menagerie on that little envelope sure made me smile. I smiled even wider when I opened up the envelope.

Is that not one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you've ever set eyes on? This is a purrfect piece for a cat lady's collection. I'll be showing it off plenty, that's for sure!

Truly, our wonderful and fantastic and amazing Secret Santa Paws clearly know all of us very well, and we could not be more happy or grateful. Thank you a million times over, Laser, McLaren, and Carry! You made our Christmas so very merry and bright!

If that's not a classic, happy Christmas morning sight, I don't know what is.

Merry Christmas season to all! And a huge thank you to Paula, Truffle, and Brulee of Sweet Purrfections for organizing the fun and festive Secret Santa Paws!