Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thanks, Secret Paws, and life




 Angel here.   We want to thank everyone for all the thoughts, prayers and cards when Kirby left us.  We miss him so much.  Mom was so use to him meeting her at the door so he could run outside, that she still hesitates when she opens it.  He loved going outside when she out for the mail. 

Christmas:  That boy loved Christmas.  He would play in the wrapping paper as the grand kids ripped it off.  When our Secret Paws came every year, he would paw and claw at it till Mom let us open it.  This year it was so different.   Our Secret Paws Partner was Paw News for Cat Lovers  by BJ Bangs.  Mom called us to come help open the package and I would not come out of the bedroom!  Max joined her for a sniff and walked away. 


 Usually Max always picked out his toy and left the rest to us.  I finally came out after Christmas and looked  and sniffed at the toys and went on my way.   It was not the gift, it was because we were missing our brother!



After that Max started playing with them! Mom finds them all over the house!  And so did I . Wand toys are great!


 Mom got a book by BJ Bangs.  


She attempted to read it to us, but we're cats, you know, and would not sit still to listen!  Thank you  for the lovely fun gifts.

Tuesday was Kirby's 12th gotcha day.  Mom did not want to get out of bed to post about it.  And then her Great Grandson made an early and abrupt entrance into the world.  He was 9 or 10 weeks early but came out screaming! 2 lb.s 6 oz.s and 14 inches long.   He and his Mom are doing great.  They have her blood pressure under control now.  He is breathing on his own and has a feeding tube for breast milk.  It will probably be 2 or 3 months (when he gets out of NICU) before we get to see him!

Our Secret Paws

 Sorry we're so late posting this. We figured Thankful Thursday was a good day to post.  Our Secret Paw presents came from Crystal and Daisy Mae!  We were super thrilled when we opened our packages.

Of course, Raz had to check out the Temptations first!

Then we checked out this cool package and wondered what was in it.

Whoa, look at all this loot!!!
 Yep, first rate!

There was even a pawsome kitty nightlight for our Mom!

Thank you Crystal and Daisy Mae.  We loved all our gifts!!  Mom has the nightlight on the kitchen counter where it greets her in the morning.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Our box and what was in it!

Thank you so much to our friends, The Swiss Cats!  We got a fun box with lots of cool stuff from Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We had a lot of fun opening it and we love our presents and our box!

What is it, Mom?  Is it our Secret Paws present?

Sniff, sniff.  This smells good, Charlemagne!  I think we should open it.  

There's a card and a bag of goodies!  Even better, the bag makes noise!

Oh, look!  It's pictures of Pixie and Zorro - yay!

Look at all the cool packages, Tamar!  Let's get them open!

Oh, boy!  This one smells great!  

I love presents that smell good!

Mom!  Come on!  Help us open them, please!

What a cute little toy for us to play with!

I call dibs on the box, Charlemagne.  It's mine!

And treats!  They sent us treats!

And we got balls to play with, too!  There are so many goodies in here!

Crinkle toys!  Yay!

I got a pink one!

Hey - what's that, Charlemagne?

It sure smells good.  I think I'm going to hang onto this one!

Look at all of the great goodies!  Our Momma even got a cool pencil pouch with kitties on it!  

I told you I was claiming this one, Charlemagne.  It makes such a lovely pillow!  I had a really good snooze in front of the heat vent and the dishwasher.  

Thank you so much for our goodies, Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We love them.  Wishing you all a very Happy 2022!

Love, Charlemagne and Tamar

Secret Paws 2021 Final Recap

  Hello pals in all time zones,

We had a very generous Secret Paws and are so grateful.  It took mom forever and a day to take photos and then do a final recap.

Thank you to our Secret Paws The Four-Legged Furballs and their Mom and Grandma.  They made our holiday so special!

We had so many photos so we compiled a few from each of us.

Onyx - This was his first year and he couldn’t believe all the goodies in the box.  I let him keep the toys and I kept the best!

Collette even received a gift!  She’s 14 years old and has something called Cushings Disease and always wants to be by Moms side.  In the meantime, there’s a new puppy in the household full of life and wants to play all day long.  He belongs to my uncle and ended stealing Collette’s toy. 
So that’s about it (a lot of photos that were too many to publish here).

Hope everyone is well.

Be kind to everyone,

~XO Peekaboo 

Friday, January 7, 2022

We get to open our package this weekend!

 Hi kitties!

The mail people finally brought our package - it had to come from overseas so it took a while.  We got it safe and sound yesterday - yay!

We will be opening it on the weekend and will post about it after that.  

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!

Charlemagne and Tamar

Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year!

  I sure hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve.  In our corner of the world…zooming in to our home, we spent the evening with Mom.  Dosed off until a firecracker woke me.  Most annoying, the cacophony of car alarms were distressing to feline and human ears alike.

We had to wait until yesterday to open our Secret Santa Paws box.  Pals, Onyx and I were blessed with our Secret Santa.  As I mentioned before, this is Onyx’s year of firsts and top of the list has been participating in Secret Santa Paws exchange. When Mom opened the box, that boy just didn’t know what to rip apart first.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I let him enjoy the smelling, ripping, biting to his little heart’s content.  And we still haven’t made a dent in opening our gifts.

Here are a couple of pictures, 

We’d like to thank Four-Legged Furballs and their Mom and Grandma who selected our gifts and even made some of the gifts for us! 

Here I am right now in my new bed with matching blankie and pillow. Isn’t it beautiful?  And just in time as we’re going to have cooler weather tonight.  In case you’re wondering, I have the ability to snooze and dictate to Mom what I’d like to say.  

Well, friends, that’s it for now, but we’ll be sure to post a better photographic version all of the gifts.  

Please remember to be kind always, as difficult as it is sometimes, you never know the problems someone may have.

~ XOXO from Onyx and Peekaboo 

(Our correspondent, our Mom)

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Update! Santa Paws Came to Town. Our Home! The Reveal!

  Hello everyone in all time zones!

We hope everyone had a wunnerful Catmas!

As previously posted, I found a huge box on my side of the bed and Mom told me it was from our Secret Paws!  But we weren’t allowed to open the box until December 25.  I promptly went into shock. As you can well see, #CatmasEve Pawty came and went, so did Catmas Day and what happened to our box?

Well Mom has been under the weather a little bit as she got a booster shot on Dec 26.  Nothing major but she’s been resting (for some reason, this time she got dizzy).  So we have made a date to open the box on New Year’s Day and we will post pictures for all too see.  However, we did find out who sent us this wonderful huge box,,,,

THE REVEAL!  Our Secret Paws for 2021 are The Four-Legged Furballs and their mom, Lorianne!  We thank you from the bottom of our little hearts for being so kind to us!  I know we will love everything you sent us, especially Onyx who’s having his first Secret Paws box this year!

We also want to thank you for the card you sent us, here I am with your card as I dictate this post to Mom.

We wish all our pals and their families a lot of joy, no trips to vets, a lot of treats, and kindness.

Hugs n Purrs from,

xo Peekaboo and xo Onyx

(With the help of my correspondent Mom Tessie)