Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Our package got here safe and sound!!

Hi Kitties,

Just a quick shout out to our Secret Paws that the package arrived today!  Momma put it under the tree already and it's waiting for us.

Our tradition is to open our presents on Christmas, so we'll post more then, but we wanted to let you know it got here.  

Thank you!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our package is on its way!

Hi everyone!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal here.  We got our Secret Paws box in the mail a few days ago, but Momma's running behind. (When isn't she?).  

Since we don't have our own blog, for those playing along at home, Charlemagne is 11 1/1 and is the fuzzy white and brown/gray Maine Coon boy, Tamar is the same age and she's the delicate brown and black striped Pixie Bob girl and Mal is 8 1/2 and is the gray rescue boy who is ever so grateful he got Momma's attention.  

Wow, Mom!  I think you did pretty good on the shopping for our Secret Paws.  I'm glad you think so, Charlemagne.

Mom, I think Charlemagne is hogging the sniffing time on the gifts for our friends!  Well, Tamar, you could sniff, too, if you wanted.  

Oh - I guess I can!  Sniff, sniff, sniff.  

Hey, I want in on the sniffing, too!

And here's my handsome side!  Yes, Mal, you are handsome.

This is a whole new thing - the three of us sitting this close and all posing nicely for Momma.  (We're kind of newly integrated and still working out how this works.)

Time for the box inspection!  Looks good on the wrapping, Momma!

But I gotta see if everything is in the right place.

Okay, there is still room in the box for me.  No?  Oh right, I don't want to get taped up in the box and sent away from my Momma.  

Wishing our Secret Paws a very Meowy Christmouse and a Purry New Year!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Recommendations for Sending Packages

The names of your Secret Paw will be emailed to you by Friday night.  If you don't receive your name(s) by Sunday night (November 19), please email us immediately so we can take care of this.  We thought we'd post a few hints and reminders about participating in Secret Paws.
  1. Visit your secret paws blog to get to know a little about them.  If they don't have a blog, read comments in the email you received to learn a more about your special kitty. Some have left blogposts on previous Secret Paws webpages (  Go to last year's page and type their blog name in the search bar on the top left.
  2. Double check the mailing address in your email to make sure it's a valid and complete address. You may want to look it up on the Internet to verify it.  If it's not valid, email us and we'll contact your kitty.
  3. Check deadlines for shipping with the post office, Fed Ex, UPS, etc., especially if you are shipping to another country.  We have a tab at the top of this page about shipping deadlines.
  4. We strongly recommend shipping your package using Priority Shipping in order to have a tracking number and insurance. Packages do get lost and this is the only way to track them and know when they are delivered.
  5. Be sure to include a card inside your package to identify who you are with your email and/or blog address so your secret paw can thank you.
  6. Review the likes and dislikes of the kitties from your email.  Some of the kitties have allergies and we'd hate them to get something that would make them sick.
  7. Feel free to drop in a little surprise for the human.  They always like chocolate, notepads, and other special cat related items.
  8. Consider wrapping each item in holiday wrap.  Many of the kitties have expressed they like this.
  9. Some of the kitties have woofies and other fur children in their houses.  This is an exchange for kitties, but if you feel comfortable sending something to the other species, please feel free to do so.
  10. Please accept the "author request" to post on this blog.  If you can't find the email request, please let us know and we'll send it again.
  11. Post about putting your special package together to ship on your own blog and on the Secret Paws web page!
  12. When you receive your package, please either send an email thank you to your secret paw and/or post on your blog and/or this blog pictures of your kitties enjoying the package. Some kitties never heard from their Secret Paws last year.  Failure to acknowledge the receipt of your package may disqualify you from participating in the future.
  13. Most of all, have fun!
  14. Any questions, please email us immediately at

Monday, October 9, 2017

It's Time for Secret Paws 2017

Welcome to Secret Paws 2017!

When the kitties of the Cat Blogosphere, from all 'round the world, join paws for the
holidays to secretly exchange names and share the joy of gifting one another.
This has been a tradition for more years than any of us can remember,
and each year it seems to grow and grow.

Gift costs are always kept to a minimum, and we do our best to exchange
names "within country", so none have the added expense of overseas shipping.
We do ask that one and all respect deadlines so all kitties have their goodies
to open on Christmas Day!  

So ~ whether you have joined in past years ~ or if Secret Paws is new to you ~ just
let us know you want to be part of this event (deadline is 11/03/17, letting us know
sooner is always better) ... and then you'll receive your very own
Secret Paw name from us, and well, Merry Meowy Holidays!

Thanks for being part of Secret Paws 2017

If you would like to participate in Secret Paws 2017, please email the following information to Truffle and Brulee at our email address ( by November 8, 2017.  Please put Secret Paws 2017 in the Subject Line.  It's easiest to copy and paste this information in your email to make sure you include everything.  
1.        Name of cats.  Please specify name of cats and number. 

2.        Email address.  

3.        Name of Cat Blog

4.        Blog address 

5.        Complete Mailing address:  It's important to include your human's first and last name because some post offices will not deliver to an address without this; especially if you live out of the United States. 
6.        Phone Number:  This is for mailing purposes.  Some packages required a phone number
7.        Would you be willing to ship a package to a kitty from another country?  (Remember postage is higher and packages must be shipped earlier when shipping internationally)
8.        Favorite Color 

9.        Favorite Treat 

10.   Favorite Toy 

11.   Information on items that should be avoided (specific flavors, toys, treats, etc.)

12.   Anything else you would like your Secret Paw to know about you.

Let's try to limit this to $25.

Please send your information to Truffle and Brulee by November 8, 2017.  Mom Paula will help us sort everything out within a week and we will email everyone their partner by November 10, 2017.  Keep the Secret Paws "secret" this year until you receive yours and then post about your package on this blog and/or yours.  The Secret Paws package that you send to may not be the same kitty you receive from.  Please try to make sure everyone receives their Secret Paws package by December 15, 2017.  We strongly recommend you ship international packages by December 1, 2017.  We also strongly recommend that you use priority mail with a tracking number.  

We will also send everyone an invitation to contribute to this blog site so you can post pictures and thank yous once you receive yours.

Our package got here safe and sound!!

Hi Kitties, Just a quick shout out to our Secret Paws that the package arrived today!  Momma put it under the tree already and it's wa...