Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Update! Santa Paws Came to Town. Our Home! The Reveal!

  Hello everyone in all time zones!

We hope everyone had a wunnerful Catmas!

As previously posted, I found a huge box on my side of the bed and Mom told me it was from our Secret Paws!  But we weren’t allowed to open the box until December 25.  I promptly went into shock. As you can well see, #CatmasEve Pawty came and went, so did Catmas Day and what happened to our box?

Well Mom has been under the weather a little bit as she got a booster shot on Dec 26.  Nothing major but she’s been resting (for some reason, this time she got dizzy).  So we have made a date to open the box on New Year’s Day and we will post pictures for all too see.  However, we did find out who sent us this wonderful huge box,,,,

THE REVEAL!  Our Secret Paws for 2021 are The Four-Legged Furballs and their mom, Lorianne!  We thank you from the bottom of our little hearts for being so kind to us!  I know we will love everything you sent us, especially Onyx who’s having his first Secret Paws box this year!

We also want to thank you for the card you sent us, here I am with your card as I dictate this post to Mom.

We wish all our pals and their families a lot of joy, no trips to vets, a lot of treats, and kindness.

Hugs n Purrs from,

xo Peekaboo and xo Onyx

(With the help of my correspondent Mom Tessie)

Mudpie's Secret Paws Revealed


Meows from Mudpie!

I'm super excited to tell you about my Secret Paws package from our sweet friends Reesie, Noelle and Raz, aka The Florida Furkids!

The very first packages I opened contained SQUEEZIES and my favorite Party Mix treats. 
They sure know the way to this girl's heart!
(I was utterly appalled that Mommy took the time to snap pictures instead of opening them!)

Then I opened this fun mesh toy with a ball at the end. 
I've been having a blast grabbing it with my claws and tossing it up into the air.

I got a pair of super cute pink mice and have been spending lots of time chewing on their tails, which Mommy says I would probably do with a real mouse too. Can you see how I'm eyeing them?

Here's a bit of Vermont trivia: Fat Cat Inc. is now a part of the PetMate family, but the company was originally from our local area!

I love tiny toys to swat around so I was excited to get a few soft purple balls and a purple mousie. 
Our Secret Paws really know us because purple and pink are our favorite colors! 
The only question was, which one should I play with first?


On top of everything I got, Mommy got a darling Christmas kitty kitchen towel and an ornament to put my picture in and hang on the tree. 

Mommy and I both want to thank the Florida Furkids so very much for their thoughtful, generous, and purr-fectly wonderful gifts. We couldn't have asked for a better Secret Paws!


Now would also be a good time to reveal that we sent our Secret Paws gifts to Ernie & mom Sue over at The Island Cats.

Many thanks as well to Truffle and Brulee's mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections for organizing this wonderful event that makes many blogging kitties very, very happy.

Now I have a very important many days until Secret Paws 2022???

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Santa Paws Came to Town

On Christmas Day, the furbabies around here got to open an extra special gift.

Do you know what that is? That's the box from our Secret Santa Paws! The kitties opened it up on Christmas morning, after this here human made them wait for days and days after receiving it. Talk about abuse.

Shall we officially start by sharing who our Secret Santa Paws was? Yes? Okay, we shall.

Do you see that? Our Secret Santa Paws was the one and only, stunning, famous Cathy Keisha, or CK! For years we've been following CK over at her blog, Stunning Keisha. She's a funny, sassy, and of course classy gal, and we were beyond ecstatic to discover that she was the one who sent us such amazing goodies.

Are you ready to see what all Santa CK spoiled us with?

Is that not the cutest stocking? If you can't read it, it says, "Dear Santa, I've been a very good kitty!" And to the right of it is Toby, eating the box like the good kitty he is.

Now, we're actually going to start with pup Astrid. CK and her amazing peep Pattie, also known as The Woman, or TW, were so sweet to send something for the resident canine. We actually had to let Astrid open hers first, in order to get her out of the kitties' hair while they opened their gifts.

While taking Astrid's gift out of the box, this here human accidentally discovered that it squeaks. And boy oh boy did that get Astrid's attention. She loves her a squeaky toy.

Is that not the cutest ice cream cone you've ever seen? It's pretty darn festive, too, and Astrid absolutely loves it! She did think it was pretty darn unfair that I made her impatiently wait and pose with her gift, but soon enough she was off squeaking it and throwing it like the hyperactive pup she is.

Now, on to to the kitties! We hope you're ready for some more bloopers, because certain excited kitties could not sit still for even half a second while they opened their gifts from Santa CK.

As you might be able to see there, Tonks was the first kitty to discover what a purrfect box our gifts arrived in. Here's a closer view of her enjoying the box, in the form of yet another good ol' blurry blooper.

But, back to the actual gifts.

Unlike some years, the kitties weren't about to let me individually photograph each gift. I did manage a couple, though, like this absolutely adorable mermouse that made this here human quite literally laugh out loud.

I often call Evan a mercat because of how he sits with his paralyzed back legs, so seeing this mermouse made me so happy. It also made the kitties very happy, of course.

And I did manage a couple of other individual shots of some big hits.

Not only were the toys a hit, but you better believe the treats were, too. After the kitties tasted them, they chased me around the room during my attempts to limit their intake. Don't worry, though, because I definitely did not succeed at limiting them a whole lot. They're very persuasive. And bossy. And hungry.

Wonderful CK and TW also sent this here human a gorgeous gift.

Every last one of us here is so very grateful to CK and her peep TW. They went above and beyond and sent such amazing gifts that have brought a great deal of joy to the kitties, pup Astrid, and this here human.

Thank you and thank you again, CK and TW! We are so very grateful for you. You are amazing, and of course every shade of stunning!

And thank you to Paula, Truffle, and Brulee of Sweet Purrfections for organizing the Secret Santa Paws exchange! We always look forward to it and appreciate your hard work.

Merry Christmas season to all from the Four-Legged Furballs!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Thank You To Our Secret Paw & Secret Paw Reveal


Hi everyone and Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all.
I opened up my Secret Paw gift and boy was I ever I surprised, happy and thrilled by all the gifts I got.
So what did I get you ask? I got a 4 pack of crinkle balls to play with, I got a new pole to play with---Yeah!!, I got a new catnip warm mat to lay on, I got a nice warm thermal mat to lay on, A case of Classic Pate` Chicken Fancy Feast in cans, A big bag of Hairball Meow Mix dry Cat food, A big bag of Indoor Health Meow Mix Dry Cat food and A round mat to chase the toy attached to mat and a bag of Temptations.
So who was my Secret Paw? Who did I get to be the Secret Paw too? My Secret Paw who bought for me was Peekaboo, Onyx, Collette, Angel Smokey & Butterfly. Thanks to to their Human too.
Who did I get be Secret Santa too? I got to be a Secret Paw to Raz, Noelle, Reesie & their Human Sharon.
I have to tell you all this. I think my Human Mom Crystal is absolutely pawsome because she carried my Secret Paw box/gift home along with her mail and the most pawsome thing is she was walking.


Crystal And Daisy Mae

It's a Yeoowwy kind of Christmas for us

 Mum funally let us open up the Secret Paws box that arrived several days ago to put the prezzints under the tree last night.  Our gifts came from the kitties at Savannahs Paw Tracks and their Mom Linda.

The packages were so great!  Nearly all of them had ribbons and bows!  Buckwheat loves both of those things to the point of madness, so much that Mum went and pulled them all off and tossed them.  How rude of her! She said it was for his safety.  What fun is safety anways?

Mum thought this was the coolest card!  She has tried quilling before and thought it was great.

Dixie found the paper was cat nip scented from the compressed nip balls that were in the box. She gets pretty loopy on the nip stuff, and this was only the beginning.
These were some treats that the Mom lady put in the box for our Mum. 

Any cat in blogger world knows that the Yeoowww nip stuff is the BEST and we mean the BEST.  This box was filled with Yeoowww toys!  It was the greatest thing ever.  They gave us a new rainbow, 3 new sardines in a very cute tin and two little crinkle toys too, all made with the primo Yeeooowww nip! 

There were even two other nip toys, and Mum was rather excited about the Lamb Chop, she started singing the most neverending-est of songs, about how long it went and who sings it, I don't know the name of this song, but boy it was a doozy.  

                                                    I bet Rosy makes a great nip toy too!

Calvin even got in on the fun with a nip sardine, and he doesn't really know much about toys being an outside kitty. 

We want to say Thank You so MUCH to Mom Linda and the kitties, this was the greatest Secret Paws year yet!.  We have started following you on the Instagram.

We have a Facebook page and share Mum's Instagram on occasion, we rarely blog on our actual blog Phin, Feather and Furr Gangpage though.   FB; Buckwheat and Dixie  and IG: @amanda_pandasnapp

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Thank You to The Island Cats from The City Cats in Vermont

Happy Holidays from Patty and the City Cats in Vermont - Harry, Fang, Black Cat, and Puffy. The cats are very happy with all of the fun surprised they received. They had been quite sad as the movers threw out all of their toys! You can see all of their fun on Instagram

They received a wonderful box full of toys and treats from The Island Cats furry friends from Michigan. To say they sent lots of goodies does not do justice to what was in the box!


 Fang was the most interested in the proceedings. But that doesn't mean the others weren't curious as to what was in the box.


 Harry was all over everything too. He never met 'nip he didn't love. But he didn't watch carefully enough because before long a certain cat - OK, Fang - ran off with one of the toys.


 But with all of these great gifts no cat would have noticed! Fang has been playing with this catnip mouse for days! He is one happy cat. Fang loves his mousie.


Black Cat certainly had his fun looking around at all of the goodies as well. There were Temptations and Churros and treats galore. And lest we forget - TISSUE PAPER!


The Island Cats' human even sent me my favorite treat of all - chocolate covered pretzels. YUM. She also sent a lot of other fun things for me to enjoy. It was a wonderful and thoughtful Secret Paws Box!

All of us here in Vermont wish the happiest of this holiday season to all of you!