Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mudpie's Secret Paws 2018

Meows from Mudpie! The wait has been nearly unbearable but I *finally* get to tell you about my Secret Paws package which arrived 10 full days before Christmas, but Mommy made me wait until Christmas morning to open it! Multiple times per day I would walk by the box and nuzzle it, but it didn't do any good. I bet many of you have been thinking I'm a spoiled rotten tortie who gets everything her little heart desires. Think again!
Okay, enough of my griping and on to the prezzies! I'm one lucky girl because my Secret Paws were the kitties of Three Chatty Cats, and as soon as the box was opened I dove right in. Here I am reading my name on the envelope.
We thought it was the cutest thing in the world that each of the kitties picked something out for me. The first gift out of the box was Woodrow's. That handsome mancat got me a new nip nanner! I won't even tell you how nasty my old one looks, so it was desperately needed. I couldn't wait to get my paws on it and it almost rendered me unable to keep opening my gifts! Well, almost...
Harley and Dexter have kept me supplied in Temptations treats for many months ahead. I got a nice big bin of both tuna and chicken flavored treats, which both got opened on the spot. YUM!

But wait! There was more! Fellow tortie Olive sent me a fun and versatile Jackson Galaxy Air Prey wand toy, and Sophie sent me wand toys from Patch Cat Wood & Fibers. Two of the toys are mice with feathers, and the other set of two have a great scratching material I can sink my claws into with raffia hanging from them. Lots of crazy pants antics will be had thanks to these toys!
Even the wrapping paper was fun!
Can't pose with the shirt, Mommy...distracted by feathers.
The last package in the box was from the Three Chatty Cats' Mom Rachel to Mom Melissa. When Mommy opened it she gasped out loud. You know how often she complains that it's impossible to find anything tortie-related in the stores? Rachel found a darling purple t-shirt with a little tortie popping out of the pocket! It was one of the highlights of Mommy's Christmas and she can hardly wait to wear it out and spread the tortie love!
After every thing was opened I had to take a rest in the pawsome box everything came in and just take it all in.
Mommy and I both want to thank the Three Chatty Cats kitties so very much for their purrfectly wonderful gifts. We couldn't have asked for a better Secret Paws!
Now would also be a good time to reveal that we sent our Secret Paws gifts to the Farm Cats of Broken Teepee. They wrote about their package here and we're so happy to see how much everyone loved what we picked out. Many thanks as well to Truffle and Brulee's mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections for organizing this wonderful event that makes many blogging kitties very, very happy.
Now I have a very important many days until Secret Paws 2019???

Gifts from My Secret Paws

by Valentine of Noir Kitty Mews

On Christmas morning I got to open the box from my Secret Paws and that experience inspired me to paw pen my own version of Silver Bells.  In the song I tell you all about my gifts and who sent them!  I'm sharing the orchestra music below that you can click on as you sing my lyrics.  


Silver Dolls, Silver Dolls
I got gifts from the Persian kitties
Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling) hear birdies sing (tweet-a-ling)
Soon it will be New Year’s day.
Chicken trappings, tuna trappings  
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there’s a nip-fragrant rainbow
Cat Dancer swaying, mousies playing
Meeting paw after paw
And out of every window you hear (me mew)
Silver Dolls, (silver dolls) Silver Dolls (silver dolls)
I got gifts from the Persian kitties.
Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling) 
Hear birdies sing, (tweet-a-ling)
Soon it will be New Year’s day.
Cardboard whirly, and coil springys
Bouncin’ yellow, red and green 
As I leap in the box after my treasures
Hear the Kittles crunch, hey it’s time for lunch
This is a Pussycat’s Big Day
And above all this rustle you hear (me mew)
Silver Dolls (They are my Secret Paws)
Silver Dolls (It’s just so-o splendid ‘cause)YEOWWW! Nip-Fragrant Rainbow
I got purr-esents from the kitties
Ring-a-ling, I have lots to share
Hear birdies sing, they flutter everywhere
Soon it will be New Year’s day 
Chicken trappings, tasty trappings (Silver Dolls)
Dressed in holiday style (Silver Dolls)
In the air there’s a nip-fragrant rainbow (I got purr-esents from the kitties)
Cat Dancer swaying, mousies playing (Ring-a-ling)
Meeting paw after paw (Hear them sing)
Very soon it will be New Year’s day.

Gifts from the Silver Dolls

YEOWWW! Nip-Fragrant Rainbow

I Have Lots to Share

Chicken Trappings, Nom Nom!

Selfie with Gifts

Many thanks to the Silver Dolls and their momma, Paula, for the Secret Paws gifts they sent me for Christmas!  I am overjoyed.  "Silver Dolls" is, of course, the nickname I came up with a year or so ago for my be-au-ti-ful white and silver lady cat pals -- Truffle and Brûlée -- of the Sweet Purrfections bloggie.  Hugs and kisses for them!  Mew Mew!

Original Silver Bells Songwriters: Jay Livingston / Ray Evans
Silver Bells lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Our Secret Paws Presents!

Us Lone Star Cats had a pawsome Catmas - and we luved our Secret Paws presents! 

We FINALLY got to open em on Catmas morning. 

Our Secret Paws wuz Angel, Kirby, and Max - from right here in Plano! We didn't know there wuz another cat blogger just across town, it are really cool to meet ya! 

And even cooler dat y'all sent such pawsome presents! 

A ton of fun feather nippy toys, a giant tub of Temptations (YUM!) and a set of cat magnets for da momma!   

Fanks so much!

Angelique wuz very happy wif all da fevvers.

Ya can't claim em all Angelique! Fanks again to Angel, Kirby, and Max for da pawsome presents and to Truffle, Brûlée, and momma Paula for organizing Secret Paws! 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Spike-a-licious Secret Paws!

Oh Kitties! I could hardly believe this bounty was all for me and that the Human wasn't going to get her greedy, grubby little mitts on ANY of it! No, it was all mine! How great are Spike William and his people??? (You can visit--or meet--them here

So first I made her lay everything out for my inspection:

All the paper was super cute and efurrything was nicely wrapped, but you know, Kitties, in my world it's not really about the wrapping, though I did briefly peruse the abundance of gussied-up presents:

But no, Spitty is all about what's inside, so I made her help me tear into those little treasures ASAP, and here was the result:

Of course I had to check out and paw things a bit, and sniff them and maybe even try to lick a few. I know, I know--TMI. But really, can you blame me?

Here is a little movie of me exploring this glorious collection of treats and toys and, let me tell you, Kitties, I think some of these toys have been marinated in the Good Stuff, because they smelled divine! (Sorry the stoopy Human took the video in vertical orientation. No matter how many times I tell her not to do that, she just doesn't learn. Sigh.)

I was completely gobsmacked by all these funtastic gifts and I am soooooooo grateful to Spike and his Peeps for making my Crispmouse full of wonder that will last long into 2019

l H l A l N l K     Y l O l U 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Thank you to our Secret Paws - Paws for Reflection!

Charlemagne and Tamar here.  We are a little late posting this but we've been busy enjoying our Secret Paws package. Thank you so much to the kitties at Paws for Reflection for our great Christmas package!  Clyde, Linus, Little Yellow and Lenny, we love our stuff!  

We were so sorry to learn that Pink Collar went over the Rainbow Bridge in December before Christmas.  We hope our brother, Mal and Pink Collar are running around together and playing. 

Momma, can we open it now?  Please?

Oh look! There's a card and cool stuff!

Tamar says, "Momma - it's a stocking!  A kitty cat Christmas stocking!  Wow!"

Charlemagne called dibs on the box before checking out all of the goodies.  

Wow!  Look at all of the goodies and there are Temptations!  A whole big bag of them!  Yummy!

But Charlemagne thinks the box might be the best present of all!

Hey, I get a turn, too! says Tamar.

I'm really liking the mouse and feather on this kitty mat!

Ooooh - is that nip, Momma?

It is, it is!  Charlemagne is one happy kitty and Tamar is waiting to see what her crazy boy is going to do now. 

My tail is such a fun toy when nip is involved!  Hee-hee!

Here are all of the goodies that we got - what a lot of fun and yummies!   And our Momma got some kitty socks, too!

Thank you so much, Clyde, Linus, Little Yellow and Lenny and to your human Mom, too!

Here's to a Purry 2019 for all of us!

Charlemagne and Tamar

Our Secret Paws Grand Opening - by Peaches & Paprika

Click to play video!!! It's worth the time! 

We were totally delighted by the box and goodies we received which were from AS THE WORLD PURRS.  We took tons of pictures and made a video (above) but also thought we'd post some stills below. Still if you have a couple minutes, the video is more fun!


I, Peaches, was first to receive the box which is of course as it should be!

Dental treats--ny favorite!
One of the goodies was something we'd never heard of before "MEOWIUANA!" You'll find out about it in the video!

stay away paprika till I tell you its okay!

One of my purr-sonal favorites was a red and green tent!  A purrfect way to hide from Peaches! - Paprika the cat
Peaches got into the tent also but I fit the best.  She got very impatient when I was trying it out, saying I'd broken our "Peaches is first" agreement.  I didn't agree to anything!

We then came upon some BLUE MICE in a catnip stocking. Instantly we were in love!
Peaches catnipped at last!

but not least there was the MEOWiUANA. For more about it and our other stuff and  experience, check out the video!
Thanks again AS THE WORLD PURRS for a wonderful afternoon and more!

Love, Peaches, Paprika and Carol