Saturday, January 4, 2020

Our Secret Santa Paws The Celestial Kitties ROCKED OUR CHRISTMAS!!!


I stayed in bed late on Christmas morning so KK and TKS did the honors for all of us opening up our prezzies from The Celestial Kitties, Leo, Glitter and Cashmere. And TKS was first to get right into that box to start getting those wrapped packages out where she could play with them.
And did those three ever send the bestest ever prezzies to us!! As some of you know, Miss Andrea is known for her skill with those knitting needles and she used them to make a special catnip mousie for EACH of us. You can see that Katie totally loved hers!!

Of course TKS also went nip crazy over several of the prezzies.
You can see that our Secret Santa Paws knew just what we liked. And one of the bestest ever was the paper bag made from catnip paper!
All in all, we kitties had a pawsome Christmas!! Thanks again to Celestial Kitties for their generous prezzies. We are still enjoying each and every one!
So how was your holiday?


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Spitty's Most Splendid Secret Paws!

Our furiends Carol (Lowbeer) and Peaches and Paprika (visit them here) outdid themselves
in sending me, yours truly, Spitty the Kitty, a regular Bounty of Treasures
I could scarcely contain myself as the Human helped me open them. 
It was so exciting I needed a good nap afterwards (I *am* 15-1/2 you know!)

This was the big box before we ripped into everything carefully opened each item
Doesn't it all look purrfect?

This was the adorable card from 
those beauteous ladycats,
Peaches & Paprika!

This wand toy has sisal wrapped around it, and a Mancat like me
can really dig his claws nice and deep. The fevvers are fun, too!

The road to Spitty's heart is paved with brushes as the three ladies 
seemed to know. I lost myself deep in ecstasy for a few minutes as 
the Human provided an assist in testing out the bristles.

I got a little carried away and put the bitey on this nice fishie.
I petted him afterwards though. He didn't seem
any worse for the wear ;-)

This toy will really light my fire!

Blankie Love is a thing, right?
I mean, there's nuffing wrong with it, right?

This kitty ornament, c'est Moi, le Roi! Remember that whole controversy 
last year over the white/gold or black/blue dress?
Well, this ornament may *look* blue against my furs, but as you 
can see below, it is most assuredly black-like-me!

And another cunning little ornament, a sweet stocking just for me!
I think it would make a nice necklace, as the red is so stunning 
against my furz!

My culinary needs were also catered to with this 
large and tasty mega-bag of my favorite treats.
These girlcats don't miss a beat!

Was it Nancy Reagan who spouted all that Human nonsense 
about saying No to Drugs? Phffft. *I* say a resounding YES!

I have saved the best (or one of the best--there were so many bests!)
for last: It is a sublimely private and comfortable little tent, all my very own!
I hope you will enjoy this lovely view of my tailio and floofy pantaloons.

Later, the Human snapped this (rather lopsided and winky) candid shot of me enjoying myself with my new blue crinkle ball (sadly hidden). 

We can't say
Thank You
enough to Carol and Peaches and Paprika!
Kissies all around &
Happy New Year!