Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year!

  I sure hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve.  In our corner of the world…zooming in to our home, we spent the evening with Mom.  Dosed off until a firecracker woke me.  Most annoying, the cacophony of car alarms were distressing to feline and human ears alike.

We had to wait until yesterday to open our Secret Santa Paws box.  Pals, Onyx and I were blessed with our Secret Santa.  As I mentioned before, this is Onyx’s year of firsts and top of the list has been participating in Secret Santa Paws exchange. When Mom opened the box, that boy just didn’t know what to rip apart first.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I let him enjoy the smelling, ripping, biting to his little heart’s content.  And we still haven’t made a dent in opening our gifts.

Here are a couple of pictures, 

We’d like to thank Four-Legged Furballs and their Mom and Grandma who selected our gifts and even made some of the gifts for us! 

Here I am right now in my new bed with matching blankie and pillow. Isn’t it beautiful?  And just in time as we’re going to have cooler weather tonight.  In case you’re wondering, I have the ability to snooze and dictate to Mom what I’d like to say.  

Well, friends, that’s it for now, but we’ll be sure to post a better photographic version all of the gifts.  

Please remember to be kind always, as difficult as it is sometimes, you never know the problems someone may have.

~ XOXO from Onyx and Peekaboo 

(Our correspondent, our Mom)

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