Friday, December 25, 2020

Secret Pies, err Paws, Secret Paws from MudPie!

Hey everybody, Buckwheat here, I'm ready to share with you our Secret Paws haul:

This year MudPie and her Mom Melissa from was our Secret Paw,  and we have now gained a new friend to follow on Facebook and blogger.  

The box arrived at the beginning of the week and Dixie and I helped Mum unpack it and put it under the tree.

Of course like any good cat boi, I took advantage of the box: 
It certainly is comfy. I do fit, I promise.

Finally the big day arrived and we always open stockings in bed in the morning first.  It was fun because MudPie gave us a stocking and in it was many many of our favorite treats.  Bisque, Lil Soups and Party Mix.  Not just any Party Mix though, they sent Bacon, Egg and Cheese flavor ones.  They are AMAZING!!  So good Mum had to put them away before I ate them all and licked her fingers of the dust.

There were some toys in there too, Dixie loves the mice.  They included some cute towels, and a note pad for our Mum,  along with some cute christmas dishes that we can eat our bisque on. 

We want to thank Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections blog for kindly organizing the Secret Paws event every year.  We'll look forward to it for the next 364 days.

Thanks again to Mudpie and Melissa!  Merry Christmas to all!

Facebook:    @bucky.snapp.52


  1. Buckwheat you and Dixie sure look like happy kitties. What a wonderful gift box and we really like Mudpie and her Mom too. They are super. You have a beautiful tree too. Lovely. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  2. awesome sauce! You guys had a wonderful Secret Paws. Isn't this the bestest ever exchange for us cats?? Purrs and Paw Pats

  3. So happy to hear you enjoyed your prezzies, cutie pies! Those bacon and egg treats are Mudpie's favorite crunchies too!