Monday, January 10, 2022

Our box and what was in it!

Thank you so much to our friends, The Swiss Cats!  We got a fun box with lots of cool stuff from Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We had a lot of fun opening it and we love our presents and our box!

What is it, Mom?  Is it our Secret Paws present?

Sniff, sniff.  This smells good, Charlemagne!  I think we should open it.  

There's a card and a bag of goodies!  Even better, the bag makes noise!

Oh, look!  It's pictures of Pixie and Zorro - yay!

Look at all the cool packages, Tamar!  Let's get them open!

Oh, boy!  This one smells great!  

I love presents that smell good!

Mom!  Come on!  Help us open them, please!

What a cute little toy for us to play with!

I call dibs on the box, Charlemagne.  It's mine!

And treats!  They sent us treats!

And we got balls to play with, too!  There are so many goodies in here!

Crinkle toys!  Yay!

I got a pink one!

Hey - what's that, Charlemagne?

It sure smells good.  I think I'm going to hang onto this one!

Look at all of the great goodies!  Our Momma even got a cool pencil pouch with kitties on it!  

I told you I was claiming this one, Charlemagne.  It makes such a lovely pillow!  I had a really good snooze in front of the heat vent and the dishwasher.  

Thank you so much for our goodies, Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We love them.  Wishing you all a very Happy 2022!

Love, Charlemagne and Tamar

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