Thursday, January 13, 2022

Our Secret Paws

 Sorry we're so late posting this. We figured Thankful Thursday was a good day to post.  Our Secret Paw presents came from Crystal and Daisy Mae!  We were super thrilled when we opened our packages.

Of course, Raz had to check out the Temptations first!

Then we checked out this cool package and wondered what was in it.

Whoa, look at all this loot!!!
 Yep, first rate!

There was even a pawsome kitty nightlight for our Mom!

Thank you Crystal and Daisy Mae.  We loved all our gifts!!  Mom has the nightlight on the kitchen counter where it greets her in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. We are so glad you all loved your gifts.
    No worries on posting late, we understand. Thankful Thursday is a good time to post.
    Not to funny Raz had to check temptation treats first. Those are for all of you. Glad you loved the toy pack and your Mom loved the 3D kitty Nightlight. I love where your Mom has the 3D nightlight sitting to greet her every Morning. Such a good thing.
    We are so glad you were our secret paws.
    Happy New Year.
    Crystal And Daisy Mae